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For your wellbeing and relaxation in an area which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s all for you to discover.

You are warmly welcomed to CasaBella22 in the Monferrato.

On your arrival, you will see the gorgeous view which will be part of your stay, throughout your relaxing and wellbeing holiday. 

Enjoy a glass of our wonderful Monferrato red wines, Barbera, Ruche and Grignolino, in our jacuzzi in the garden, especially beautiful during the sunset over the Alps. 

At CasaBella22, we offer spacious rooms and elegant areas for you to relax in, where you can also admire our rolling hills and vineyards. 

It’s an ideal place just to chill for a few days, but also the best starting point for a wine and food tour among the Piemonte hills, discovering the hidden treasures of the area.


Monferrato to live

CasaBella22 is a place where you can lose yourself, in its beauty and where you can find yourself again.


After a filling breakfast with local produce, you can enjoy a Yoga or Pilates lesson in the garden in your bear feet whilst the day slowly unfolds.


Take care of your body in our B&B Gym whilst you are gazing over the hilltops and the villages. This will help you regenerate your spirit too.


You can also enjoy a cookery, decoupage and furniture restyling courses.


Embrace and enjoy your ideal holiday!

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