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The surrounding area
As soon as you arrive at CasaBella 22 in Castellino, you will realise how much this area, which is one of the sites of the UNESCO world heritage, has to offer.
Starting from Moncalvo, the smallest city in Italy, to Asti, called the 100 towers city, and Casale Monferrato, the old Capital of the Monferrato and going through some of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy you will realise how each valley and hill has a story to tell.  
Monferrato can be explored on foot, cycling or by car. You can stop any time and enjoy some of the typical dishes of the area or taste the special and unique local wines.
Here is what to see during your stay in Monferrato!

The smallest city in Italy, a jewel in the heart of Monferrato with its medieval historical centre, its old shops, the ramparts of the old castle. All for you to enjoy and admire. Moncalvo also boasts a museum with paintings of artists such as Giorgio Morandi, Modigliani and Chagall. The city has also got few restaurants where you can enjoy the local dishes and taste the Monferrato wines.

Events in Moncalvo and the surrounding area

  • 'Golosaria’ – a food fair offering the typical dishes and wines of the area (March)

  • Festa Patronale di Sant’Antonio, The feast of St. Antony – a food fair with also cultural and sporting events (May)

  • Festa Della Cucine Monferrine, The Feast of the Monferrato cuisine -a feast where you can enjoy the best traditional dishes of the area (June)

  • La Fiera del tartufo Bianco, the white truffle fair - An international event dedicated to the well-known and sought after white truffles, typical of the area (October)

  • La Fiera del Bue Grasso, The fair of the ‘fat ox’, a historic fair where there is an ox sale takes place and food available, of course (December)


A tour of the Infernot (wine cellars)

Thanks also to the ‘Infernots’ the Monferrato is a UNESCO world heritage site. They are beautiful underground wine cellars dug into the sandstone by the farmers a few centuries ago. Every ‘Infernot' is different from the other ones and unique in its own special way.

Casale Monferrato

Casale is the old capital of Monferrato and it is definitely worth visiting. You can admire the castle, the ‘Torre Civica’, the Museo Civico, the ‘Gipsoteca Bistolfi’, the Synagogue, the Cathedral of Saint Evasio and the museum of the treasure of the Duomo and the elegant streets of the historical city centre.

Asti, the city of 100 towers

Asti is known as the city of 100 towers, it offers many cultural attractions with its historical palaces, the Duomo so elaborately decorated, the Paleontologico Museum, the collegiate of Saint Secondo, the crypt of Saint Atanasio. On top of that you can also taste the lovely typical dishes of Asti.  


The most beautiful Italian hamlets

Very close to Castellino there are a few hamlets which have been granted the recognition of the 'Bandiera Arancione of the Touring Club' and rated as the most beautiful hamlets of Italy.

All of these are worth a visit. Just to name a few: Vignale Monferrato, Cella Monte, Ozzano Monferrato, Rosignano Monferrato and Cocconato.


The 'Sacro Monte di Crea'

The ‘Sacro Monte di Crea’ with its Sanctuary is situated only a few kms away from Castellino. It was founded in 1589 and it is very important from an historical and artistic perspective. It is part of the UNESCO world heritage sites together with the other Sacri Monti of Piemonte and Lombardy. It is also a great place to go for scenic walks.   

The Big Benches

It is fun to go and look for them, the so called big benches, you will find them scattered in the most panoramic and scenic spots of Monferrato.  They are huge and colourful and it is a great way of discovering the area and you will feel almost as if you were a child again.   


Cycling tours or walking tours

Castellino is a perfect starting point to explore the surrounding hills either on foot or by bicycle, following the several tracks or dirt roads that take you to other villages and are all over the Monferrato.


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