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ebook in omaggio

Iscriviti al nostro sito e riceverai in omaggio il nostro ebook sui chakra nel cane.

Il sistema dei chakra  degli animali non è molto diverso dal nostro, ed anche la  loro funzione. Nei quadrupedi l‘allineamento è  orizzontale.

La differenza fondamentale con l‘uomo è il modo in cui nutriamo i chakra, gli animali a differenza dell’ uomo sono incapaci di indossare maschere.


Pet Friendly B&B


Your pet friendly B&B in Piemonte: we not only welcome dogs, but we also take good care of them too.

Would you like to go on holiday with your lovely furry friend? CasaBella 22 is a B&B which not only welcomes dogs but where your four legged friends are looked after and spoilt.


Enjoy your stay in the beautiful Monferrato hills, which are part of the Unesco world heritage sites, knowing that you will find everything you need at our B&B, to make your furry friends feel at home.


Choose between the Pet Friendly Package and the Pet Love Package and have a lovely holiday!


The Pet Friendly Package: cost €15 per day


The Pet Friendly Package includes:

  • Room cleaning service

  • Dog bed/blanket in the room

  • Water and food bowls in the room

  • Dog brush available


The Pet Love Package is available at the cost of €25


The Pet Love Package includes:

  • Room cleaning service

  • Dog bed/blanket in the room

  • 1 training pad per day

  •  Water and food bowls in the room

  • 1 Roll of Doggy Poo bags

  • 1 Bag of treats

  • Dry food twice a day (we cater for every need,  just let us know)

  • Dog brush available


If you require either of the Pet Packages, Pet Friendly or Pet Love:


Phone: +39 3357172984



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